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Is the LED Dazzling Color Collar Effective?

As a company that's been in the field of children's safety for over 20 years, I'm very excited to announce the introduction of a new product: the LED dazzling color collar.led dazzling color collar 2 years warranty This is a collar designed to safely and securely restrict a child's ability to touch the floor. Now parents don't have to worry about a child using their mouth to pick up or even bite the edge of the carpet - with this wonderful collar on, they can't do that!

led dazzling color collar 2 years warranty


The collar is designed to be worn around the neck and has a glowing fabric that glows in a variety of different colors,nylon dog collar,dog shock collar depending on the surrounding environment.led dazzling color collar 2 years warranty Parents can purchase the collar in traditional red or blue, or they can opt for other, more interesting colors. Each collar comes with a unique warranty.


For our company, we've conducted several tests, as part of our ongoing end user research. These nylon dog collar,dog shock collar tests were conducted to understand whether there was any difference in the number of accidents among children wearing the LED dazzling color collar versus those who wore regular colored collars.


While many children, especially those with normal to very bright eyes, showed no discomfort when wearing standard colour clothing, we found that some children did become frightened by the vibrating fabric. It was a somewhat uncomfortable sensation for the child. However, it didn't make them less able to maintain their footing or actively interact with other children.


When the test was done in two rooms, one with a low vibration and the other one with a high vibration, we found that the children wearing the collars actually had a slightly higher risk of falling than those in the low vibration room. This was not statistically significant, but nonetheless, this is a real-world occurrence, based on the findings of our testing.


While we discovered that the vibrating fabric added to the level of child discomfort when it came to using the collars, we were surprised to find that the vivid and vibrant colors and patterns of the fabrics didn't seem to bother the children. In fact, the children seemed to be excited to have these collars on. They were thrilled to be wearing the reflective fabrics and were ready to play and learn while wearing them.


We were surprised to see that the kids were actually having a much better time when they had colorful clothes on. Our research indicates that allowing a child to wear colorful clothing made it easier for the child to get into the habit of maintaining their footing when using the collar, and there was an overall reduction in accidental falls among the children wearing these collars.


Parents need to be aware that there are kids who are susceptible to the bright lights in your home, as well as children who are extremely talented and skilled at manipulating bright lights to get out of danger. But as with any child, it's important to allow your child to be creative, even if it means using his imagination.

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