aidi C25 led dog collar

China's Well-known pet accessories company AidiFlashing present new technology products

As technology and safety becomes more and more important in human lives, it’s about time someone designed smart technology for our friends- Doggy . Aidiflashing, a pet accessories producing company based in China, has come up with A new product Aidi-C25, the smart collar. It is a intelligence LED dog collar dog collars and leash,luxury dog collar  that's connecting humans to their dogs like never before.

Pet ownership is a big responsibility, you already care a lot about the safety and the security of your dog,that's why Aidiflashing wants to give you confidence and peace of mind by protecting your dog’s safety outside home.

Aidiflahsing Aidi-C25 equipped with consistent LED Screen. It keeps your dog illuminated and visible from potential collisions, whether it's with cyclists, cars, pedestrians or other dangerous hazards. Through several times redesign and test, now you can replaces all of your existing collars and gadgets by consolidating them into one convenient and stylish package. Pet Safe is easier and brighter than ever before.


The collar has intelligence features LED display, and is water resistance. You can set and share text or information to get you and your pup in shape in no time! Why ? The collar features a ring of LED Screen lighting, which are controlled by smart phone app.Through Aidi Smart APP(both IOS and Android),allows pet parents to show any text or cute image on the led screen,you can text to show up doggy’s funny name, and recently emotions, or daily activities,especially can show up your contact phone number, as well as dog collars and leash,luxury dog collar an alert if your dog goes outside a designated area and lost, the good people saw him can contact you directly.  No fear of losing your pet anymore, Aidiflashing gives you a good help.


Moreover,The smart APP also includes some funny image animation.And the music mode can help to show the music waves on the screen. If you want to get really high-tech, you can even draw the image on the Led Screen through APP,All you need to do is to download the smart app to play with this great led dog collar. Thousands of customers have discovered the benefits of this products and are now using Aidi LED pet products to keep them safe.


Not only is Aidi-C25 a highly effective safety item, it's also a lot of fun. It allows you to express your individuality and personality using led light, and is also a communicate way to show your doggys and yourselves.

Aidi-C25 looks special, but it had to appear and behave better than a regular dog collar. Meaning it may appear to be an premium version of a dog collar while packing a lot of technology inside it.The product itself needed to be detailed enough to convey technology yet simple enough to allow the LED screen to create or customized the mood and style the user desired.And it should be easy to clean, strengthen, flexible and practical. That's why aidiflashing also added in a D-Ring, so you can attach your led dog leash just like you would a regular dog collar. The C25 design aims to bridge the gap between traditional pet product and the future, to create a product with universal appeal.


C25 is also water-resistance !When it comes to environment stage, we’ve got you concern. Aidi-C25 can be recharge to use,And the battery is also environment friendly.You can easily charge it with MICRO-USB cable. 


Through the several times to test and rebuild ,now aidiflashing got succeed ,which had with Aidi Dog light Collars and Leads, Aidi’s products have proven their ability to deliver thousands of great quality products in a short amount of time.Recently, Aidi have new technology product C25 shown up now, and will continue to improve their processes, techniques,for Aidiflashing to serve you well.

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