RGB Flashing Light Dog Necklace

RGB Flashing Light Dog Necklace

A very nice looking RIBBON Dog Necklace, designed by a friend of mine is the RGB flashing light dog necklace that I am about to tell you about. I know that this design may not appeal to everyone but I do believe that it will be well received by many people.

rgb flashing light dog necklace


First off this necklace is a collar for your dog. It has a metal circle that goes around the neck area. When the dog moves or is agitated the flashing light comes on. You can have a light or flashing strobe on the dog's collar, this way he is always alert.


The LED light inside of this light dog collar is very bright. It is also a long-lasting light. You should be able to get about five hours of use out of this lighting unit. You can buy different sizes of this item so that it is easy to find one that fits your dog.


Pet owners love to put things that will help them bond with their dogs. I love the idea of having an interactive device like this one. It is really cool and I would love to have one for my dog as well as myself.


This lighting unit also comes in other colors like red, blue, green, white and purple. I am sure that you can get an idea of how many colors it can be in. There are also other designs dog collar hardware,tick collar for dogs that you can choose from like stars, flames and hearts.


My friend's wife gave me this RGB flashing light dog collar for my own dog and she has received so many compliments on it. She is so happy with it and I think that my dog really looks good in it.T red flashing light dog necklace | dog} I feel like it is very unique as it can be used by both you and your dog as a way to keep in touch. If you want to have a special connection with your dog then this could be just what you need.


You should know that this light dog collar is not going to break the bank because it is very affordable. I paid around $75 for this item and it is definitely worth every penny.


You can look at many product review sites and get some great ideas from other people about how this product is and why they like it. I really hope that you like it as much as I do.dog collar hardware,tick collar for dogs