How to cut C6 collar?

Please ensure the collar is turned off when cut


1) Press the socket and push it out 按住电池盒,拔出尾部


2) After separating the socket from battery case, unscrew the bottom screws, please dont open the battery case or loose the screws of battery拆卸尾端的螺丝请勿拆开电池盒或扭开电池盒端的螺丝

3) Cut the silicone tube slowly and you can see led strip clear, then cut the extra led you dont need, please remember to cut the led strip on the middle connection of two leds(as picture), it wont affect the normal usage. Also please keep the silicone tube is longer than led strip for later assembling, if the led strip length is same as silicone tube you can fold the led strip a little bit to have the assembly space.


video-How to cut C6 RGB led dog collar-AIDI-img

4) Finally just assemble all parts完成各部分组装