aidi led shoe clip

LED AIDI C6 RGB Dog Collar

Staying safe remains a priority for everyone. We understand the importance of staying safe. This is why we have manufactured a premium quality LED shoe clip with powerful lighting to keep you safe and help improve your visibility at night time. The AIDI LED shoe clip is produced with the customer in mind as it is very lightweight and fits any type of shoe. It also comes with a stylish design and an ultra-bright light. This product is highly reviewed, and you should really consider adding it to your personal outfit. It comes with great features that you can only get when you purchase AIDI flashing products。


With no adhesives or fasteners firmly clips onto your feet. Target shoe heel width of between 2~3.5 inches suits most shoes in size. Also ideal for leather running shoes, because the shoe clip is designed to prevent surface scratching.

Run In safety Ultra-bright lights are visible up to half a mile, high-quality LEDs that offer maximum light output and provide around 70-100 hours of lighting. In peripheral vision, drivers can see our very bright LED.


Aidi shoe clips features two different modes, RGB flash output to adjust color and quick strobe to stable color. Press shoe clips decoration,shoe cover dispenser covers with t clip once to hold the first lighting mode, and click to enable the blinking mode again.


Resistant to water & lightweight

Feel free to use in any weather of any environment, super lightweight for all outdoor activities-running, jogging, cycling, walking, horseback riding, etc. The LED Shoe clip is water-resistant, and you do not have to worry about using it in wet conditions.  

Longer Lasting & Lifetime Warranty

Use the best PVC quality materials to provide greater versatility. All our clip lights are one year warranty covered, and if you have any issues with the product you have, please feel free to contact us for a replacement!



Technology keeps advancing every day. We have come to understand just how much this affects our daily lives. This shoe clips decoration,shoe cover dispenser covers with t clip is why we have manufactured this shoe with the latest materials that meets all safety standards. With this shoe, you have all the comfort and durability you can ever want. Here is why you should consider purchasing our AIDI flashing Product


Classic design

AIDI LED shoe clip is manufactured using branded new led technology. It has a classic design and can be used in different customized forms. With continues flashing and different flashing modes as well as a balanced design. It would do great with any shoe type or shoe size.

This LED shoe clip boasts 15 times more visibility than other LED shoe clips on the market. You can confirm this from the numerous positive reviews by our many satisfied customers.


With the high visibility of our LED shoe clips, it can help motorists, cyclists, joggers, and car drivers see you and avoid accidents. High visibility ensures safety from all angles. With the increased rate of accidents, especially at night time, it is a very good idea to have a piece of equipment that helps keep you safe. Our Led shoe clip is one of them.


Despite having the latest technology, we offer the best pricing on the market. You won't have to break the bank to purchase one of our LED Shoe clips. The battery of our led shoe clip is long-lasting, and the general feature of this shoe clip is very beneficial for the owner. 



If you value your safety and you love night walks or adventures at a dark time, you definitely should purchase the AIDI LED shoe for your personal use. Our manufactured products at AIDI Flashing products meets all safety standards. You would surely enjoy the product, and you have a customer support you can rely on if anything goes wrong. Happy shopping!!!